2 min Easy Hairstyle

Well , All Girls Like easy Hairstyles that can be done in a minute or 2 min. Because If they are getting Late the always SKIP hairstyle and make a simple Ponytail or messy Bun or Braid it. 
According to me a Hairstyle can Change your look alot and should our hairstyles daily so You can get a new Makeover Daily Just by hands. Here is the Look of this Hairstyle.

So Today , I’m Gonna show to a very Simple and Easy and CUTE Hairstyle that just done in A min or 2 min and You Can wear that hairstyles in school , Hang out with friends , party or a date .
This a simple 3 strand braid hairstyle work for every hair type. So Lets Begin the tutorial :-
Step 1: Divide your hair in two equal part as shown in pic.

Step 2 : Take small section of hair and divide them in three Equal parts.

Step 3 : Braid three strand braid as shown in pic below.

Step 4 : Braid From both side of hair and secure it with elastic band from behind as shown in pic.

Step 5 : Now again start braid your hair from behind as shown in pic below.

Step 6 : After braid three or four times , Now leave some piece of hair from left & right stand of braid.You can see in pic below.                                                                    

Step 7 : I leave three piece from braid and now add those piece in braid again one by one From top to end as you can see in pic below.                                                                      

Step 8 : Thats it ! Now just secure the end with a hair tie & you are ready to go.

Hope You Like the Tutorial & If you have any question let me know below and Have a day You all.
By Love My Hairdo

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