Fishtail Updo (reverse Fishtail)

Well ,This time I am going to do a FISHTAILUPDO Tutorial . A very Easy Tutorial For Every Hair Type like Short , Medium & Long .
This is Fishtail Updo that I am making and in this tutorial I will also Teach You HOW TO MAKE REVERSE FISHTAIL.                                                                     


Time Consume: 7 mins
Lets begin 
Step 1: Make a High Ponytail & I make a sleek Ponytail as shown in pic below . you can make messy or side sectioned ponytail.

Step 2: Loosen Your Ponytail and make a hole from ponytail as shown in pic below.                                                                                      

Step 3: Now take your ponytail  through this hole from over side not under the head and it create your topsy tail as shown in pic and try to make it little like butterfly wings by tucking some pieces of hair like I do .          

Step 4: Now section your hair in two equal parts of that ponytail .

Step 5: From left strand of this ponytail .Take some  hair from most outer part and take it under the left strand and to right strand . This is the difference between fishtail and Reverse fishtail . For basic fishtail Tutorial CLICK HERE.


Step 6: Do same as on right part of hair.Pick some hair from outer part of right strand and put through under the right to left strand.


Step 7 : Follow the technique n continue braiding like & Don’t worry if it will not show after 2 or 3 steps. but it will definitely show after 10 braids. When Your fishtail it show Alphabet ‘V’ Symbol but in Reverse Fishtail IT show ‘A’ Symbol.

Step 8: secure it with elastic band and Voila ! Your fishtail Braid is ready as in pic below.

Step 9: Take Your braid in your hand and place it between your topsy like that.


Step 10: secure that ends with bobby pins and create updo and if your hair is too long You can roll your fishtail and pin it LIKE in pic below.


Step 11 : Voila , Your Fishatil Updo is ready .

 Hope you all Like it . please comment below if you have any question. and Thanks for watching this tutorial.

By Love My hairdo                    

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