Braided Bun (Back Lace Braid)

I love to wear my hair in braid because it looks beautiful & versatile and perfect for formal days or casual hangouts . 
There is so much variety in Braids that is why I love braids so much and I did a braided Bun Tutorial before but that was simple braided bun and This one is Lace Braided ( from Back ) Bun . 

From half part of hair , it will be the bun and from back part I create Lace Braid in it . You can make it french or dutch whatever you want.
For this Look You will need Clear Elastic and bobby pins Thats it and Lets Start the tutorial .

Step 1 : Divide your hair in two equal part . You can see in pic 2 Above and make a ponytail of above section of your hair.
Step 2 : Now twist your ponytail and tease little bit for more volume in your bun.
Step 3 : Twist your twisted ponytail and give it bun shape as shown in pic above & pin it with bobby pins.
Step 4 : Then take small section of hair from back section and divide it in three equal part and start braid & In lace braid Only from one side extra hair took Means you can call Lace braid Half French braid.
Step 5 : Now braid all of your back hair and after that make simple 3 strand braid and secure it clear elastic.
Step 6 : Wrap that braid around the bun and Secure it with bobby pins as much you need.
Step 7 : And You are Done !! If you want you can put flower on the side of bun and here is finish look of this bun.                                                                    

Hope you like it and Please comment below If you any question or you like it .
By Love My Hairdo

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