Valentine’s Day Special Hairstyle

All you need is love and love is made a little sweeter when it’s filled with chocolates and dates with somebody special. Valentine’s day is about spending time with the one you love, and it’s also a great occasion to get dressed up. 
If you want a hairstyle for Valentine’s day that says romance and has you looking your best for you Valentine, So here I present You a Valentine day special Hairstyle Basically a HEART .                                                                        

This is a heart i made with 4 strand braid because i want red color in this hairstyle So i thought I should make this hairdo with Red Ribbon . You can make this hairdo with french or dutch braid .You can try it as the way you want. So Lets begin the tutorial.

For this Tutorial , You will need Clear elastic , Ribbon or Tail comb for taking small section.
Step 1 : Divide your crown area hair in two equal part .
Step 2 : Now from back of your crown area hair , Use tail comb to give heart shape to the crown area and make ponytail of rest of hair for your ease.
Step 3 : Now from top of crown area , Take small section of hair from there and make a knot with ribbon and take another section from top n divide them in three equal part.
Step 4 : So your four strand is ready to braid. so braid it and if you don’t get it. Her is the video of this braid Click Here.
Step 5 : Make this braid as you make french braid means taking extra hair from both side.
Step 6 : After your all crown area hair isn’t left then start normal four strand braid. and do same on another part of hair.
Step 7 :  Joint both braid from behind with elastic and give it shape of heart. Finish the look with making ribbon bow on elastic.                                                               

  Hope You like the tutorial and if you have any query ask me below and Don’t forget to show your creation .
BY Love My Hairdo

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