DIY Lace Bow

Hello Sugar Plums !!
Today I am going to show how to make cute n vintage kinda BOW . and Sorry I Don't mention captions in this video and If you don't get it without captions I am adding instruction here :-
1. Take a fabric ( I prefer a lace fabric to get vintage look) and cut that piece in 12" inch and fold that in half .

2. Now put glue at the end of that fabric to give it a round piece shape then from center of the fabric , fold it to give it BOW look and with the help of needle n thread sew it.
3. Take a ribbon n make it bow and paste on the center of the bow. then cut a small piece of ribbon glue it middle of bow n ribbon.
4. Take a choice of your button and glue it in the middle.
5.This is optional but you can do this if you want , I put some beads on corner side of this bow.
6. From behind , stick a french barrette or any kind of clip with glue .
7. Let it dry and you are ready to wear it on ponytail or messy bun or as you want.

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