French Braided Ponytail

French Braid is a Beautiful and Classic Hairstyle. This is a cute style that works well for any kind of occasions. Once You Learn How to Make French Braid , You can Make Different hairstyles with it because normally lots of hairstyles has French Braid Base. So today's Hairstyle is French Braid ponytail.
Basically it is not french braid started from crown area . Not taking so much time on writing , I show the Look of this FRENCH BRAIDED PONYTAIL.

For this look you will need only n only Hair Elastic and Hairspray (optional ) . Now lets begin the tutorial below :-


Step 1 :- Make a High Ponytail of all hair . Take some piece of hair from ponytail and wrap that hair on ponytail to hide Elastic band .

Step 2 :- Now take some more hair from ponytail and Divide them in three equal parts.

Step 3 :- Start braiding basic three strand braid for 2 or 3 times.

Step 4 :- Then add extra hair to each section as you form the French braid. and continue doing that to the end of ponytail.

Step 5 :-  Secure it with elastic band and tease your ponytail for more volumizing look of ponytail.


That's it !!

Hope You like this simple hairstyle and Comment below if You like it .

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  1. Wow..this looks brilliant babe...thx a lot for have a lovely blog dear...would you like to follow each let me know honey...stay connected...:-)

    1. Thankss a ton Dear and ok we will do that :-)


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