Hair Bow Tutorial

Love bows? I do too! Learn to make a pretty bow with your own hair so you can feel extra fancy. Enjoy…..Hair bows are quite common these days And it become famous when Lady Gaga wears it but it was different from what i am making Today .
This hair bow is also stylish. In this Hair bow half hair will be down & half will make bow.
Here is First look of this Hair Bow.                                                             

For This , you will need Hair Elastics , Bobby pins & hair spray. That’s it and Now we Begin the tutorial.                                                             

Step 1 : Take some hair from both side of your crown area hair .
Step 2 : Take that hair behind and make a ponytail of it . And divide them in two equal parts.
Step 3 : Now take any of one part and make a loop of it and secure it with Elastic band ( I used elastic band so it can be on place for longer , You can just use Bobby pins to secure it from behind if you want ). Do same on another part of ponytail and tease that loop little bit for giving them bow shape.
Step 4 : Then secure it with bobby pins from back of the bow So it can not be seen if any one look at your Bow.
Step 5 : Take some hair from between of Bow and put that hair in middle of bow to complete the look and secure it with bobby pins.
Step 6 : Finish the look with some hair spray on it to for extra Shine . And You are ready to go with your Beautiful , elegant Hair Bow.                                                             

Hope You Enjoy this tutorial and Please Comment below if you have any question or you like my Bow .
By Love My hairdo <3

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