One Side Braid

Braided hairstyles are the perfect way to cover up a bad hair day—or just to mix things up. But this one side braid is little different and this is kind of lace braid and it will give you  ladder effect becuase every step become long every time you add another section.
 It looks soo pretty on hair specially if you have straight hair and Lauren Conrad also make make this braid on her hair . Every hair type can make this hairstyle .

Here is the look of this one side braid :-

For this Look you will need only a Elastic band and Knowledge of French Braid. So lets begin the tutorial :-


Step 1 :- Do a Side partition for this braid because it looks more beautiful on it .

Step 2 :- Take some hair and divide them in three equal part and braid them only for one time in three strand braid.

Step 3 :- Take some extra hair from inner side of braid and mix it with inner section and braid it .

Step 4 :- Now braid the outer side strand Normal means don't take extra hair with it .

Step 5 :- Again take some hair from inner part But this time take little Long section So it can create Ladder Effect.

Step 6 :- Continue doing take and always remember that you have to take longer section every time you braid.

Step 7 :- After taking 6 to 7 pieces of extra hair then braid three strand braid or you can just put elastic band on it . 


Hope You all Like this easy hairstyle perfect for every hair type. Let me know If you like it .

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