Top 5 ways to get volume in ponytail

How can i get Voluminous Ponytail ?? That is mostly asked question by every girl and yeah it is meaningful question . 
I love Voluminous ponytails When I was little younger I always thought How these actress have such a Puffy ponytail ?? Do they have so many hair ?? What they use in their hair so it becomes So thick n volumize ??

Before                                                                                            After

Now I got my answers and I thought I should share my ideas that i learned with you girls. I share my Top 5 favorite method for Voluminous Ponytail .
1. Claw Clip ponytail
This one is the easiest and bestest one for getting volume in your ponytail . This way just took your 2 min n you are ready to go. For this ponytail You will need a Tiny Claw clip that matches your hair color or you can see in pic below.

2. Teasing ponytail

In this ponytail , Section your ponytail in two parts and tease your bottom part of ponytail so you can get puff then let upper part on it and you will get you volumized ponytail and Don,t try this ponytail on daily basis because it can make your hair frizzy.
3. Rolled hair ponytail
In this one , Take some chunk of hair from middle of the ponytail and rolled that hair and pin it with bobby pins as shown in pic below. This one is also I will recommend to you girls .

4. Flat iron using ponytail

Use your flat iron to get volume , Yes it can happen like you do for your side swept bangs same as Do on your ponytail as shown in pic above. But this will damage your if you do alot .
5. Dryer using ponytail

Take your hair dryer and any round brush and blow dry your upper part of ponytail and your Ponytail will become puffed as shown in pic but this technique will take litle bit of your time .

Hope you like this post and Let me know which one you like the most by commenting below.
By Love My Hairdo <3

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