Creative braid under 5 min

Hello My friends , Today's hairstyle is very easy to make and looks very creative when you try it as you can see in picture below. This is typically a three strand braid with a twist and what is the twist , In this braid I made braid three times and slide up the braid.
And You will get braided snake braid headband in just under 5 min . You can wear it as everyday hairstyle or a Date Hairstyle or any other occassion . 


So lets begin the tutorial of this LOOK :-


Step 1 : Do a Side parting of hair OR you can do middle parting as the way you want .

Step 2 : Next Take small section of hair from big part of your side parting and divide them in three equal part .

Step 3 : Now Braid normal three strand braid of 1st and 3rd strand ONLY . Let middle strand as it is. After braiding 1st & 3rd strand secure them with elastic band.

Step 4 : Again make three strand braid But Now braid actual strand we took at begin If it makes you confuse , You can see pic above .

Step 5 : When you nearly finishes your braid , Hold middle strand and KEEP in mind your middle should be any of braid that you made . See in pic above.

Step 6 : Now slide the rest of braid upward while you hold middle strand . Once you reached to top of braid , Pull down the braid slowly and Voila !! you will a Zig Zag effect on your braid or You can call it Snake Braid . Secure the braid with Elastic band.

Step 7 : You remember I let middle strand as it is means i don't braid it ..... Yeah I got it :) , Now tease that part for more intense look of this braid you can see this in pic . and secure this braid behind under some hair with bobby pins . I made it only on one side If You want you can make it on both sides.

Hope You enjoy this hair tutorial , Let me know below you like it or not ?? and leave a Comment below.

Farah ( Love My Hairdo ) <3

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