Side Mermaid Braid

 Mermaid tail side braid hair style is so cute and suitable for all. You will be look so nice and elegant. This hair style is easy to do it without anyone help. You can carry this hairstyle on casual or on Party.

This is Not mermaid braid , This is Side mermaid braid , It will look little difficult but practice can make you perfect. And i have done a Topsy tail mermaid braid Tutorial , You can see here .

Here is the look of this Side mermaid braid and For this look you will need French braid Technique .


So lets begin the tutorial :-


Step 1 : Make a side partition of your hair and from bigger section , take small amount of hair and divide them in three equal parts.

Step 2 : Then start Braiding , After braid one time take some extra hair on second time from both side and this braid called French Braid .

Step 3 : Make french braid to the top of your ear and from on , start taking hair from opposite side of ear and add that hair in inner strand . For external strand , take hair from where you are braid or You can just braid normal without taking extra hair.

Step 4 : Continue taking hair from opposite side of braid and this braid will become side mermaid braid.

Step 5 : Take all of your hair into the braid and Don't worry it looks little difficult but it is just french braid the difference is, In Mermaid braid , we need to take longer section to create the effect of mermaid tail.

Step 6 : At last secure the end of braid with hair elastic and tease the braid  if you want voluminous and messy braid .


So try the braid and show me the creation of your mermaid braid . I would love to see and Please comment below if you really LIKE it .

Love My Hairdo <3 
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