Easiest Hair Updo Ever !!


Yeah !!! As you can see from Headline , This is the easiest updo ever that You will see ever. It’s kinda romantic updo with no professional help or Any hair styling products. 
You can wear this easy hair updo on any special occasion in just 5 min. Accessorizing this updo will enhance the look . Here is the look of this Updo.                                                                 

For this look You will need Bobby pins and Hair elastic band .
SO lets get started :-

Step 1 :- Grab all your hair and make a High Ponytail. and take some piece of hair from ponytail and wrap around your ponytail.
Step 2 : – Divide your ponytail in two equal part .
Step 3 :- Start braiding those part and secure the end of ponytail.
Step 4 : – Tease the braids as much voluminous look you want. If You have thin hair , I would suggest tease them a lot. Because it is the base of this hairdo.
Step 5 :- Now wrap your one braid in clockwise around your head and wrap another braid in anti clockwise , then secure your updo with bobby pins.
Step 6 :- Finish the look with some hair accessories , i used fabric flower here in my updo .                                                             

Hope you enjoy this Easy updo and comment below what do you think about this Updo and Have a Lovely day you all 
BYFarah (Love My Hairdo )

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