French Braid Ponytail tutorial

French Braid Ponytail

Hello belles!! I Saw it has been a Long time that I didn't post any hairstyle tutorial on blog. And another thing My Blog is changed from Love my Hair To Indian Beauty Touch So back to the topic , I am going to show you all a Chic and Edgy Ponytail .
Well it is basically a French braid ponytail but I made it in a little different way. So here is French braid ponytail step by step and rest You will see below.

alt="French Braid"

For This look You will need Bobby pins or Hair pins (Juda pins) and Elastic band. Lets Begin the tutorial

Step 1: Make a side partition of your hair and from back as shown in pic no 2.

Step 2: Now take some hair from smaller section of your hair and divide them in three equal parts.


Step 3: Its time for Braiding. Yeah!! Start doing French braid, once braid normal three strand braid Then take some extra hair from Left & right strand and it will become your French braid.

Step 4: Continue Braiding Till the smaller part of hair has not finished and when you finished your braid, Tie it with Elastic band.

Step 5: Take your bigger section of hair & Make it in a Side ponytail as you can see in pic.

Step 6: At last , Wrap your braid around the ponytail and secure it  with bobby pins or Hair pins whatever You need .

Step 7: Voila!! You are done with hairstyle and now its Time to Rock with this hairstyle Called French Braid Side Ponytail.


Hope You will LIKE my post and Enjoy this Chic French braid Ponytail.


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