Homemade face scrub for oily skin

Homemade facial scrubs and masks are easy to make and very effective for both men and women for getting rid of oily skin, dark skin and many more skin problems. Honey, aloe vera gel, baking soda, lemon, papaya, strawberry etc are some of the natural products required for making the face masks at home. 
Since these cleansers are free from chemicals they do not have any side effects and can be used for making skin beautiful and healthy.


Steps for making scrubs and face masks at home

Homemade face scrub and mask for oily skin
  1. Add half spoon of lemon and orange juice each to gram flour(chickpeas flour) and now add rose water to it for making a paste. Apply this mask to your face and allow it to dry. After drying, wash it with warm water and then use oil free moisturizer to moisturize your skin.

  2. Mix 1 spoon tomato juice plus half spoon lemon juice to 3 spoon honey. Stir the mixture for 2 minutes so that it mixes well. Now apply this cleanser to your face, rub it for 5 minutes and then wash it. This helps in removing the dirt, oils and other impurities from the skin, making it fair and oil free.

  3. Papaya face mask is a great home remedy for clearing the oils and impurities in our skin pores. Papain enzyme in papaya has the ability to deeply clean skin pores that helps in getting rid of oils from the face.
Tips for using homemade face masks and scrubs
  1. Wash your face immediately in case of any eye contact with the applied scrub. Use cold water for washing your face. These scrubs may contain lemon, tomato and other acidic products that can lead to irritation and red eyes.

  2. Remember to moisturize your skin after using the above scrubs.

  3. For getting quicker and better results steam your face first and then apply the face pack.

  4. These natural processes are very effective but takes time. Hence patience is required to solve your problem.
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