The Messy Side Braid Tutorial

Hey my friends , Hows you all and sorry for not updating my blog daily or once a week but from now on, I will try to be on track as I was before  and here is sneak peak of this look and Yeah !! thats me in this picture. 
I love side braid hairstyles because they work great on any outfits whether its western or indian.

alt="Messy Braid"

So here is my next tutorial and its again a side braid hairstyle but this is messy side braid as you all know girls love messy braids because they look super sexy and chic at same time.For this look you will need Rat tail comb, elastic band and your braiding techniques.

Messy braid tutorial

 So lets begin this tutorial :-
 Step 1: Make side partition of your hair as shown in picture.
 Step 2: From bigger section take some hair and divide them in three equal parts and start normal three strand braid. 
Step 3: Once you start braiding , now take extra hair from both side (important thing is take longer section from your upper strand as shown in pic)
Step 4: Continue doing that until all hair get in your braid.(This is simple french braid if you are newbie in it , you can see my separate post on french braid here)
 Step 5: Then braid your hair completely to the end of your hair and secure your hair with hair elastic band. Step 6: Here is fun part, start teasing your braid as much you want messier look.

 Voila! You are done with your hairdo. If you don’t get through pictures. Click here for video tutorial I did on this. Please comment below whether you like it or not. I love to see your comments.
By Farah

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