Pinky Paradise Circle lens review

Pinky Paradise Circle lens review

Hello Gorgeous People!
I got new pair of circle lens from and they are Eos fairy pink. I love circle lens so much becauce they make my eyes bigger plus less hooded.
Pinky Paradise Circle lens in Eos fairy pink

About pinkyparadise:-

PinkyParadise is one of the largest online circle lens store based on Malaysia, Kuala lampur. They sell all major Korean circle lenses brand - Geo Medical, GnG, Dueba, EOS, Hana SPC, Dolly Eye, T-Top, Princess Pinky, 30 Days, Super Pinky and etc.
This is a new series called EOS fairy. These lens comes in differeny colors like blue, green , pink , voilet , grey & etc. So I choose Eos Fariy in Pink and here are their details :

Complete your tea party or friends day out with EOS Fairy Pink that cover your eyes with sweet tone like sprinkle of magic fairy dust, making you turn up charming and demure.

Lens Info
Brand / EOS
Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.5mm
Base Curve / 8.8mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly
Package / Pair of Circle Contacts(2 pcs) + FREE Macaron Lens Case

And my power is 0.00 But If you have weak eyes, you don't need to worry because They sell from +0.00 power to -8.00 power.

My experience with PinkyParadise :

Start with shipping, I got my packet in 3 weeks. Pinkyparadise send my parcel in an envelope . When I opened my packet, I literally fall in love when I saw my lens Specially that macron case and this Velcro thing that can be use for keeping your hair out from your face while doing makeup or you are going to wear lens in your eyes. I love pink color so I got these beautiful pink lens.They are so adorable and love them really. They make my eye poped and bigger. I have hooded eyes So they make it less hooded. Circle lens don't hurt my eyes at all Even when I don't use circle lenses on daily basis. I feel nothing in my eyes and I love the pattern or design of my lens a lot. Wish My real eyes have that kinda design :-D But Its Okay :) 
Overall I love my Pinkyparadise experience and Love to buy more lens from them in future. 
                                                                  Let's see What I got                                                                             

Cute Macron Case 

My Natural Eye Color

After Put Lens On

With Some dramatic makeup <3
What I like :-
Have big variety of circle lens 
Ships Internationally
Also sell makeup on their website
Cheap shipping charges
Most of circle lens have lots of color option

What I don't Like :-
Only thing that I don't like that Circle lens came to me in 3 weeks.

Hope you enjoy this review and Enjoy your holidays :) 

Pinky Paradise Circle lens review Pinky Paradise Circle lens review Reviewed by Farha Naaz on 05:58 Rating: 5


  1. Wow lovely eye makeup Farah :) Interesting lens... never seen pink lenses before. Its nice :)

    1. Yeah ! I love this Lens But Can not wear Daily :( Thanks For appreciation


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