Inveda Avocado Face Scrub Review

Inveda Avocado Face Scrub Review 

Scrub is second most important thing in Skin care routine. Using only face wash will not give you a healthy and glowing skin. That is why a Scrub is very important to stay away from dead cells, black or white heads. Today, I am doing a review on my new ayurvedic scrub named as Inveda Avocado Face Scrub. So lets Jump into this product.          

Price :- INR 250 for 100 ML
What Company claims :-Carefully formulated with Neroli, Oatmeal & various Ayurvedic herbs, this Face Scrub gently exfoliates skin & removes dead cells & debris. Skin feels fresh & rejuvenated.When used, the presence of natural exfoliating extracts unclogs the pores & increases emollient absorbing quality of skin. For Inveda Company Details Click here.

What I experience with For Inveda Avocado Face Scrub :-

Packaging is very beautiful, This was the first thing that attracts me Yet Jar is made of plastic which is good for me. I have a Big hole in my hands 😀 I always fall my products and they got break or spoiled. Scrub have creamy base and Beige in color. It meant for all skin types. I have Combination skin in summer and Super dry skin in winters. Well it works great  on my skin right now. I will update this review in summer also to show its work on summer also. I hate cream base Scrubs because my skin feel sticky and oily most of the time, Is it me or any of you feel same?? Even cannot remove my black heads. But this scrub is not at all like that. It gives my skin a smooth and glowy finish. I also felt normal after scrubbing. Granules in scrub are very tiny and not harsh at all. Smell is very mild which doesn’t hurt my nose. I don’t about avocado but I can smell Oatmeal Fragrance in it.I scrub twice a week. Its being a month and I can see a big difference in my skin. I rarely get blackheads on my nose (Yay! I am so lucky :-P) But have so much Whiteheads under my lips 🙁 This scrubs removes it but not in one use. Continous use(twice or thrice as you prefer doing scrub) is must to see the result. I was struggling for a good scrub for past one year. I was using my Lotus herbal Kiwi scrub and skin polisher and I loved it so much. Now Lotus stop making that scrub. Now I find another good scrub under affordable price plus good quantity. I am using this scrub with my soultree Face wash.What I don’t like that it is not easily available in cloaca markets. I got my from jabong But all online beauty website have Inveda Avocado Face Scrub.

I like this scrub a lot and If you want glowing clear skin then definitely buy this one. And Please ignore my using “BUT” in almost every line ^_^

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