How to Apply False Eyelashes

Every Woman want Long, sexy and curved Eyelashes but most of us don’t blessed with them. I saw many  time that boys have more long, curved natural eyelashes than girls. That is really unfair with us.Don’t worry! If you are like me with short and straight lashes. We can try that we call False lashes.They come in lots of different styles. False lashes came in Natural to sexy glamours lashes. And This post is about How to apply False Eyelashes effortlessly.                                                                               

Step by step False eyelashes Tutorial for beginners

It looks difficult but you all know Practice makes you perfect. This is Step by step False lashes tutorial for beginners or who always got problem in apply false eye lashes.
Things You will gonna need :-1. Eyelash Curler2. Mascara3. A pair of False Lashes4. Eyelashes Glue5. A pair of tweezers

Sorry! I have dirty hand here  I spilled my foundation on my table that is why my hand look Gross

Lets start the procedure of How to apply False Lashes :-

First of all, Do all your makeup, including eye makeup and face makeup.Step 1 :- Start with Curling your natural lashes. If you have straight lashes like me then I will suggest curl them at least 2 times. Otherwise, After applying false lashes You will see your straight lashes clearly If they were not curled properly. And it will look bad. After curling your lashes, Apply your favorite mascara, I love this Estee Lauder zero smudging lengthening mascara. It gives my lashes amazing length. Sorry, I don’t take pictures of curling and mascara application.Step 2 :- Cut your false eyelashes if they are bigger than your eyes. False lashes that are too long will poke the corners of your eyes and cause lots of discomfort. If you are about to cut your lashes then cut the outer part always. My lashes are perfect size. That is why I don’t need them to trim. Step 3 :- Now take your eyelash glue. I am using Duo lash glue(the best Glue). Put a thin layer of glue on false lash line carefully without any mess. Don’t apply a thick layer of glue on lash line. Otherwise, you will see dry glue on your eyelid. Then wait for few second about 10-12 seconds to semi dry you glue. we want sticky and semi dry glue because it will hold your eyelash, much stronger than directly applying after put glue on false lash. Step 4 :- Use your fingers or tweezers for application of false lashes. I prefer both. I start applying glued lash on the middle of my eye which is close to my Natural eye lashes. Then apply glue lash on my outer corner of my eyelid. Now I grab my tweezers and apply false lashes in my inner corner of eyes Because it’s hard to use my finger there.Step 5 :- Use your tweezers to push your lashes on your eyes gently. So the glued lash sticks completely to the natural eyelashes. Now press your both natural and false lashes together with your finger for a more natural look.Step 6 :- Put another coat of mascara on your eyelashes for a more beautiful look. This step is optional, but Its up to you that you want it or not. And You’re Done! 

You can now do some touch ups of your eye makeup or eye liner. And you are ready to set fire on the floor :))Hope you enjoy this post and Thanks Swathi for requesting me to do this post. If you all have any question or request please ask below. 

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