How to Get Bold Eyeliner Look

How to Get Bold Eyeliner Look

A Eyeliner can change a whole look. A simple flick gives you natural and elegant look where as Bold thick eyeliner gives you chic & edgy look.I personally love bold eyeliner rather than normal I applied everyday. But I have hooded/small eyes. That is why I don't do bold eyeliner becuase it makes my eyes more smaller and I recommend all girls whose eyes are small like mine.
Now about this tutorial, I tried this bold look first time after saw one of my fav MUA on Instagram. 
So this a Bold Cat eye liner in super intense black color with my fav color teal on my lower lashline. I gave this tutorial more intense look by adding double flick on inner corner of my eyes.
Plus I am wearing blue contact lens by Klenspop which enhance my look more. Now lets jump into this bold tutorial.
Here is sneak peak of this look.
How to Get Bold Eyeliner makeup

Step 1 : It all about base. Apply your foundation concealer then some loose powder to prevent any fallout. After you done with your base. Prime your eyes with Good eye primer. I used Milani eye primer. After that Fill your eye brows. 

Step 2: Your second step is about making a guide line for eyeliner. I will suggest using a felt tip eyeliner will be good because felt tip is more precised, steady and more specially you don't have to dip your brush into your eyeliner again and again. Start with making a flick or line on outer corner of eye. Its up to you how long winged liner you want. Then draw another line from inner corner of eyes and joint this line to your winged. Make sure your eyeliner should be there where your mobile lid ends or your crease start(hope you get it what I am trying to say :D) I used Maybelline the Colossal liner. 

Step 3: It is not important that you have to make your guide line perfect. You can see mine is super messy. Now it filling time. You can fill your eyes with felt eye liner or liquid or gel eyeliner. I filled mine with gel eyeliner. I used Elf cream gel eyeliner in Black. 

Step 4:- Applied a matte black eye shadow all over your eyeliner for a better staying power. I used Wet n wild Color Icon quad's black shimmer color(reviewed yesterday) 

Step 5 :- Curl your lashes then apply generous coat of mascara. I used Makeup revolution amazing lengthening mascara. I tight line my upper lash line with black kohl. I can't live without False lashes. So I Applied my favorite lashes by Ardell.

Step by step tutorial of bold eyeliner

Step 6 :- Now Applied a turquoise color eye pencil on your lash line. I used Maybelline colossal kajal in turquoise. Then I took a blue color matte eye shadow applied below my lower lash line.

Step 7 :- Take a angular brush and make a flick using black & blue eyeshadow on your inner corner of your eyes.  

Step 8 :- Apply mascara to your lower lashes and You are done with your look.

Wipe off the loose powder you applied under your eyes to prevent any fall out. Pair this bold look with some glossy lipstick.
Step by step tutorial of bold eye look

Hope you will find this tutorial helpful and let me know below if you have any request me to do more new looks. And Yes! Follow me on Instagram, I always post new makeup looks there at the username Lovemyhairnmakeup. 
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  1. Your makeup looks so cool !
    You really have talent !

  2. Wooooww :) I love it!!

  3. This is one of the best eyemakeup I have ever seen!! Totally loved this and your eyes are so beautiful and deep! <3

    Have a blessed week ahead!

    1. Aww, Thanks Charu :)) Your comment made my day.

  4. perfect tutorial :) I like to wear my liner like this most of the times :)

  5. This makeup looks stunning! I have small eyes too and I also love bold eyeliner :)

    Bella Pummarola

  6. Great tutorial, it looks simply to do and of great effect!

    My last post: Crafty layers

    Shopping Girls

  7. OHHHH i like that!! x-)

  8. Lovely makeup Farah! Thanks for the tutorial :D You're liner is so precise!

  9. Woooow looks GREAT!!!!
    Wonderful Makeup!

    Yes, we can follow each other!
    I Follow you via GFC! :*


  10. Hey, what's up, you alright..?
    Great post hun, thanks for sharing.

    Visit me whenever you have time;

    Kisses, i hope you have an amazing easter. xXx

  11. Grate! Looks really cool!

  12. Splendid job done, love the perfection in your skills !


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