Review: DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive

 Review: DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive

I love false lashes a lot. It enhance my eyes feature and Makeup also. Applying False lashes sometimes can be difficult if your lash glue is not good. Well, In Indian market only two affordable brands are available in Eye lash glue easily and they are Ardell & Duo. 
Now let me tell you about this glue in short.

Duo lash glue review india

Price :- $5.49 (Also available on mostly all Indian online store)

What Duo says :-
Imply Unforgettable Eyes
With Vitamin A, C, and E
Dries invisibly
Safe for contact wearers & sensitive eyes

New Brush On adhesive comes with an ultra-thin brush for precise, quick application of both strip and individual lashes for all-day wear. This latex-free formula is safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. Lashes have never been easier.

My Experience with  DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive

Firstly I love this packaging rather than the squeezy tubes. Because I always take out extra glue from tube and then I creates lots of mess. Duo Brush On striplash comes in two different color of packaging. I bought the green one which white/clear after dries. I will suggest always buy lash glue which is clear or white in color. The reason is black glue always leave a black stain and You never know when we will do mistakes. The consistency of glue is runny. After applying glue on lashes. Leave t for 20 seconds. We want tacky glue for better holding. This glue holds my eye lashes upto 5 hrs. And best thing is that it is waterproof. Seriously, It is very hard to remove glue from your eyes. Use a oil base remover to remove eye lashes. Another good thing is It doesn't contains latex. Latex can be itchy or problem for sensitive eyes like mine. 

Duo lash glue

Duo lash glue review

Duo lash glue review

I use Duo lash glue every time when I do makeup and This glue did amazing job with a such a good price But bit pricy in India. If you are planning to buy a eye lash glue then This is it. 
Review: DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive Review: DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive Reviewed by Anonymous on 06:10 Rating: 5


  1. Love the review and I love how you pick out different products Farah :) Even I liked its packaging, product flows out of squeeze tubes :/

  2. Interesting product:) kiss

  3. I really need that !
    But in my country they don't sale it, so I always have to buy other brands !

  4. Loveeee this eye glue!!! <3 Love how you beautifully reviewed it!! Love the packaging!! <3

  5. Seems a really good product :)

    Have a nice day !

  6. I'm running out of my revlon lash adhesive, Thanks for the review, I'm going to see if I can get it. x

  7. Great post my dear:))
    If you have time visit me on my blog :))
    xoxo Antonella


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