Sebowash Shampoo Review

Having Hair Fall! or Having dandruff! Well, 98% of people face both problems. You could say they are most common problem face by every other person near us. I am also one of them. I have super oily hair. In that case, I always face dandruff problem and Dandruff means hair fall. But this Sebowash Shampoo By Cipla works as magic on my hair.Now I want show you all how many benefits and Cons I found.

Dandruff for hair fall & dandruff

Price :- INR 132 for 100 ml( Price Increased INR 145 Now)

Where to buy:- It is easily available in any medical store in India
It was prescribed by my dermatologist. I was facing heavy dandruff problem on my scalp. He said that I should wash my hair with this shampoo twice a week. Don’t use this shampoo as a Regular shampoo. It would be better if you ask your doctor before using this shampoo because it was a prescribed. I was happy with the results So I thought I should share my views with you.

Shampoo for dandruff

It comes in a white plastic body with all details on the bottle. The shampoo is opaque white in color and consistency is runny but it became so soapy while shampooing with just a little amount of shampoo. The fragrance is mild and It smell flowery like jasmine but not a strong smell. It vanish just in a hour.I used this shampoo as prescribed. I used this twice a week. In a month, I was seeing good results. I saw less dandruff and minimize hair fall also. Otherwise, Winter is my hair fall season  I mean Wearing scarf, caps gave my hair a lot of dandruff.  And dandruff gives hair fall. Sebowash shampoo solve both my problem in 3 months completely.What i don’t like about this shampoo is it made my hair frizzy. I have to apply extra conditoner to make them normal. And Don’t use this shampoo all the time. Discontinued after using it for 3- 4 months.

Shampoo for Dandruff and Hairfall

I like this shampoo for my dandruff problem. It did great job and My sister also used this and got good results too. 

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