DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair

If you will ask from me What I like the Most about me Then I will definitely say, I love my hair a lot. The reason why I love my hair so much  because of the Hair Mask I have been using for about 2 years. Except for shampoo and Conditioner , I don’t use any other Hair product. This Homemade Hair mask fulfilled every wish of mine. Its makes my hair softer and most important It tamed my frizzy hair a lot.                                                                         

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 I called this DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy hair. If you are a girl with frizzy hair problem or dry hair then You came to a right place. Because I am going to show How I make this mask. You will need four things to make this mask.                                                                                   

DIY Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair, DIY Hair Mask for Dry hair

1. Two Bananas ( If you have medium or short length hair then 1 Banana will be used)2. One Egg3. Mayonnaise – Two n half Tablespoon4. Honey –  Two Tablespoon
In pic, You will see I don’t used fresh banana. They are 3 days old. Why I used Old Banana??Answer is Old Banana is much soft in texture than the Fresh banana. When You mash the banana you will see more creamier texture and It gives your hair more softness. I hope I cleared myself. and another thing, I am really sorry I don’t have any “Before & After” Pic. It was deleted when my laptop got cancer( I mean my lappy wasn’t working and Lost all my data)
Now Let just make this Hair mask smoothie for Smooth and Shiny Hair :- 
Step 1 : Rip the Bananas and Blend them in electric Mixer. I didn’t mash the bananas because sometimes I left big chunks of banana and they stuck in to my hair 🙁

Step 2 : After you Blend Bananas. Add one egg in to the banana.                                                                                  

Step 3 : Now Add two n half tablespoon of Mayonnaise into the mixture.                                                                                 

Homemade Hair mask for Shiny hair

Step 4 : Its Honey time, Add One tablespoon of honey and mix the mixture. Now start applying mask on your hair from bottom to top part of your head.                                                                                    

Make sure you wrap your hair in high bun. My bun was too low but you will not do the same mistake. Put this hair mask up to 30 min at least. Then Rinse off the hair mask with cold or lukewarm water. Using hot water can make your hair sticky because It contains egg.                                                                                  

I don’t have any pic of my back of hair But will update soon 

Tip : You can add one tablespoon of yogurt in your Home made mask to give your hair an extra kick.Or If you are Vegetarian then Skip Egg and add Three spoon of Yogurt in your hair pack.
Another Tip : Add few drops of Lemon juice. It will control the stinky smell of eggs. Please give this mask a try and I am sure You will see a Huge difference in your hair. Its a Homemade Mask and that means It will take time to show to results. 

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