Eye Kandy Glitter in Candy Coin Review and LOTD

90’s was full of glittery fashion. From clothes to makeup even on Hairstyles. Now Glitter, Sequins and all are back again in trend. Even I am obsessed with glitters these days. You can check my Instagram account. I uploaded lots of tutorial there but I always used Craft glitters. They were good but they are little chunkier and sometimes prickle on my  eyes.If you are Instagram lover specially in Makeup catagory then You will know about Eye Kandy. Every fav makeup artist of mine used eye kandy glitter. So I thought Why Not I should buy one. So I bought one glitter to check out the quality. 

I bought mine from Makeupgeek. They have some glitters on their store too and they were offering cheap shipping also. Now let me show you Is it worth the hype or not ??
Price: $6.99 for 3 grams

What EYE KANDY Says:-We offer two cuts of glitter in our solid liners.Superfine – The first, and by far our most popular due to the ease of applying, is our SF. The grain size of this glitter is our smallest, ranging in size from a .004 x .004 to a .006 x .006. This size of glitter does not offer as much sparkle, so tends to be less dramatic, but is still brilliant and stunning to wear. It is a great cut for a day or ‘office’ look and works beautifully as an all over eye shadow and lip shimmer.Fine – Our second cut is F. This is our largest grain at .006 x .006 to a .008 x .008. This size glitter picks up the most light, and, therefore, is definitely the most flashy and exciting to wear! This size tends to be more popular with the performing crowd. It shines and sparkles and offers all the ‘bling’ you need! This is a great cut for a bright, bold and fun look.                                                                                 

My experience with Eye Kandy Glitter in Candy Coin :-

Start off with packaging, It comes in a transparent tub with a black color lid with EK sign on it. It has an usual packaging. The candy coin color is lightest gold or I can say beige color. My glitter range is Superfine which means It glitter grains is super fine and very light weighted. It was not pricking my eyes at all. The glitter is super shiny. I applied this glitter with my Elf glitter primer and It works fine with it. This color is perfect for Indian bridal makeup. BTW You can you this glitter in your makeup or you nail art too. I used it for my makuep. I love every thing about this glittere except for the quantity. The quantity should be little more. They have large range of colors in glitter and also offer sugar mixer to use the glitter.

In flash Light
In Natural Light

Thats How it looks on my eyes and let me know Do you want a tutorial on Cut crease eye Makeup.

Overall, I really love the color and quality of Eye kandy glitter. If you are a shiny or glittery person then give it a try. You will love it.

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