How to: Winged Eyeliner Tutorial for beginners

Hello, I am back with another tutorial and this is Winged eye liner tutorial. If you are new in makeup or Find difficulty doing winged eyeliner. Then I am going to show you easy trick to do Winged eye liner.I used a shopping/Visiting card to make winged on my eyes when I start doing makeup. I learn this technique from my Favorite and my Inspiration Michelle Phan. She done a video before on how to use a Business card in makeup. From there, I start using this technique. If you still don’t like this method then You use a spoon or Tape but Make sure you are not allergic with Tape adhesive. I used Elf Gel eye liner in this tutorial. I have done another eye liner tutorial using Felt tip eye liner. You can check here.
Now here is the Short clip of Winged or cat eye liner tutorial for beginners :- 

For Full Tutorial Check out my YouTube Channel. And here are some pics of this tutorial. This is my Everyday Eye Makeup look.                                                                                           

How to apply eye liner for beginners

 Let me Know if You want me to a another tutorial on it. Till then Enjoy this tutorial and Have Fun.

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