My Sigma Welcome Gift

Hello my Gorgeous friends,Hope you all have a great day. Mine was just awful as I caught very bad cold yesterday. A few days Back, My postman delivered a parcel and I was crying like a little baby. You know what was the reason of crying, I got Sigma Beauty gifts in my parcel. So It was pretty fair for me to cry  Now let me give you a small preview what I got from Sigma Beauty.                                                                                       

As I am a Sigma Affiliate now, The Affiliate manager Sofia sent me a beautiful package 2 months ago but it was never delivered to me because of our Indian Customs/Post. But sigma service and Sofia’s amazing and heart’s melting service was just so good. I mean I have no words to thank her. She sent me another package 15 days ago and This time I tracked date to date, Called my local office daily So It could delivered to me properly. At last I got my beauties from Sigma and This is my first ever products from Sigma. I just loved everything they sent me to try. Now let me give a quick review on things what I got.                                                                                   

1. Sigma Brush Express Brush Cleaning Glove:- Hands down to this product. Sigma made few gloves before and This is their latest launch. It has so many different texture for cleansing the makeup brushes. I adore this pink color. It cleans my brushes in just few minutes. Full review coming soon.Buy Here.                                              2. 3DHD Brushes:- Only & Only Sigma launched 3D brushes and I never tried sigma brushes but I got a chance to try 3D brushes(Feeling so good). I got 3DHD Kabuki brush which is use for liquid, cream, or powder application on face.It is a multitasking brush. I love its soft bristles and amazing grip. You can buy this amazing brush here. Another Brush I got is 3DHD Pricison Brush as It has also the same feature and used for eyes or Contouring too. Buy here.                                                                                  

3. Sigma E39 Brush: It is a pencil brush which is meant to be used for blending and buffing. It has very dense and soft brushes. The brush is great for blending eye shadows on outer V of the eyes. Buy Here.                                                                                  4. Sigma E52 Brush: This is flat brush which can be use for applying eyeshadows or applying concealers. E52 brush called Medium sweeper has very soft brushes and didn’t fall out any bristle(washed it twice). Definitely recommend this brush to buy.
5. Sigma E55 Brush;- This brush is for eye shading. It means It is good for applying eye shadow all over your mobile or brown bone. Love this brush also but few hair from brush falls out on second wash. Buy here.
6. Sigma Individual eye shadow in Fawn:- This color “fawn” multinational. You can use is as an eyeshadow, highlighter for your eye brow or highlighter for your cheek bones. It is a shimmery eyeshadow which looks really good after I applied. Buy Here

7. Sigma Blush in For Cute:– As per its name, It is really cute color. I just love this color. So cute and bubble gum kind of color. It looks very natural after application. The texture is good and not powdery.                                                                                        

8. Sigma Lip Vex in Hint:- Love this brownish Nude lip gloss with amazzziinng butter scotch fragrance. This shade reminds me of Kylie Jenner Signature lip shade but in Glossy effect. I like this color so much. You will love it too if You make your purchase from here.                                                                                 

9. Sigma lip Base in Magnetism:- Magnetism is a hot orange color which is really creamy and easy to apply on lips. Perfect shade for summers. Buy Here.                                                                                   

This is all what I got from stunning Sigma beauty. I loved each & every single product what I received and If you love any of this. I will definitely recommend it to buy. If you apply code INNOVATINGBEAUTY then You will get a 10% on your cart value plus a gift If order above $30. Isn’t it a great deal? Definitely check out Sigma Beauty’s Website and  let me know if you want any separate review on any of the product I got. 
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