Mask Haul and Review Mask Haul and Review

I am Huge fan of Korean Dramas So I always saw them(even Male Actors) using sheet mask to get Instant glow or Freshness. They love to use sheet mask Instead of normal face mask. That is why I always fascinating about sheets mask and want to try them out. I have tried few before but never tried any korean originated sheet masks. 
My Wish came true by the I got amazing Korean skin care products from them. And I would like to tell you about how Skin18 korean sheet mask turn out for me.

About Skin18
Skin18 is Hong Kong based website but all Brands are from Korea. LIKE Banilla, Baroness, Etude House, Foodaholic, Innisfree, The face shop and more. Skin18 carries skin care products only instead of makeup. And The main focus of them is selling Sheet mask.
The Sheet Mask comes in packet filled with serums and amazing aroma. Apply sheet mask for 20-30 minutes. And you are ready with instant glow on your face. Buy Here


My experience with Skin18:-

I got Eight different sheet masks and three anti aging ampules. Its been a month I bought these sheet masks. Why I am reviewing it late. First, I always test skin care products about a month before reviewing it here. Second, It was my sister's wedding last week and I was super busy in the prepartions. But From now on, I will be on track.
Back on my skin18 Sheet masks, I have used four of them and One is used by my sister on her wedding day. The first mask I used was the anti wrinkle mask(Snail one). I applied it on my face about 30 minutes and it hydrated my skin so well. Next I used was the fox sheet mask and It was a fun to wear that mask. Because It has fox face on the sheet mask. 

Last mask I tried till this date is the collagen Mask. Collagen is highly used in Korea. Collagen gives a glow on face. Collagen contains in lots of korean skin care products. So I was very curious to try out this collagen Mask.  And believe me It turn out so good. My skin was glowing so much on my sister's wedding. Sheet masks were little oily after application but I wiped my face with a dry paper towel. And gives me an amazing glow. 

These three ampules are for 30+ Woman. So I gave it to my sister to try out and I will update you all soon about her experience with these ampules. 
Hope you will find this review helpful and Yes I highly recommend it you all to try. You feel a difference afterwords. 
Let me know your thoughts about sheet masks Which one is your favorite. Mask Haul and Review Mask Haul and Review Reviewed by Farha Naaz on 07:58 Rating: 5

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  1. I would love to try them! They sound promising! xx


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