Makeup Geek Eye shadows Swatches and Review

First of all, Sorry for being MIA for such a long time. First It was my sister’s wedding then my laptop was giving me really hard time. Still its not working properly but I try to manage to work for my blog.Today is Eye shadow swatches day. And The eye shadows I am going to review & swatch is from Makeup Geek. I have done a review on an eye shadow by Makeup geek before on blog. You can see about the shipping and detail description here.

I will review all three collection of Makeup geek eyeshadows which is Normal eye shadows, foiled eye shadows and duo chrome eye shadows. Start of with Makeup geek eye shadow which includes both matte and shimmery eyeshadow. Now I am going to swatch below with a quick review.Price:- $6 for each pan Buy Here

I have tried few eyeshaodws from MUG before. And Believe me They are amazingly pigmented and easy to use. This time I got both matte & shimmery. In mattes, I have Frappe, Cupcake, Chickadee, Cocoa Bear, bitten, Cherry Cola, Poppy, Fairytale & Neptune. All of these are completely matte and have touch of butter like. I mean they have smooth texture. Easy to blend with brushes. Frappe and Cupcake is almost similar in swatch Only difference is Frappe is more warm tone and Cupcake is cool tone eye shadow. Cherry cola and Fairytale is bit powdery but If you apply a white base primer underneath these eyeshadows. It looks so vibrant and Pigmented. With a good primer, MUG eye shadows(Including Foiled & Duo Chrome) can stay 7-8 hrs on place without any mess or fading(My sister wore MUG eye shadow on her wedding day)In shimmery eyeshadow, I got Moondust, Razzleberry, Envy & Drama Queen. They have glitter chunks in these eye shadows which looks pretty good in flash photography. Now lets see swatches below without any primer and all are single swatched.                                                                                

Makeup Geek Foiled Eye Shadows review & Swatches:-

Price:-$10 for each pan Buy Here

Foiled eyeshadows are shimmery eyeshaodw when you touch or swatch themwith your hand. It feels like creamy eye shadows. In my opinion, The Best Foiled eyeshadows I have ever tied. MUG foiled eyeshadows are so so pigmented eye shadows ever. In single swatch, I got perfect color even without any primer. Only problem is, If you have oily eyelids, They can easily transfer to crease. So a oil control primer is a need for foiled eye shadows. I got Whimsical, In the Spotlight, Magic act, Grandstand, Untamed, Jester, Pegasus, Masquerade, Center Stage & Showtime. And Their Swatches are below.                                                                             

Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Eye shadows Review & Swatches :-

Price: $6 for each pan Buy Here

Makeup geek launched Duo chrome collection few months back. Duo chrome Collection is about dual effect on a eye shadow. Its like Eyeshadow is Pink but its gives gold effect from different angles.  I got four eyeshadow out of twelve eye shadows. And they are Voltage, Mai tai, Ritzy & Havoc. Voltage is a off white shadow with gold & white effect. It works great as a brow bone highlighter too. Mai tai is pink eye shadows with gold shimmery effect. Ritzy is a green eye shadow with gold & green & brown mixed up effects. And Havoc is a brown eye shadow with blue & green shimmery effect in it. All four eyeshadow are so beautiful and look gorgeous after application. This is something new I  tried and I loved it. You can the swatches below.                                                                                

I highly impressed with the formula of new MUG eye shadows and Definitely recommend all of you to buy. I put all my MUG eye shadows in Z- Palette which is very convenient for me to carry around anywhere. Its affordable and worth buying Eye shadows. Hope you like this review helpful. Let me know if you have any question.

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