About Me: A Small Introduction

As You all know who read this blog,I always shared reviews & tips about beauty, makeup & hair Never Shown personal side of mine. But I wanted to change my thinking for standard of beauty. Before, For me  beauty was just about makeup, how i look or how beautiful I can be or I am. But in Few months, I learnt that beauty is just not about makeup or looks. It about how happy you are, your fitness, your health everything that makes you feel better that is what a beauty for me now.
So In this regard, I am going to share not only beauty related post from now on But I will share my personal side. May Be I can inspire the girls like me. 
Let begin with a small intro about me then I will share amazing post from now on. 

About Me
I am very expressive person But I am not good with words. I never express myself with words or couldn't express how actually feel. Although I am very talkative person But here it seems Like I am very boring person in my videos or blog. 
Now Without wasting more time, Let me tell You. I am Farah Naaz from Delhi, India. Currently studying Nutrition & health Studies and Did my Bachelor Degree from commerce. 
I have curiosity to try new things and That is why I learn so many things in this little life. And Those things that I learn I am going share them here with you all in future. 
I grown up in big family where I have 3 sisters & 2 brothers And My parents. All got married except me & my younger brother. 
Except Makeup I like to watch Korean Dramas so much, Love to listen music as it helps me reduce stress and I love to cook & try new new cuisines. These days, I am so into fitness & workout. I lost 7 kgs in this last 5 months. And I am so proud on me on that thing :D
And Now about recent Picture. This picture is a week old. It was my friend birthday So celebrate a small party with her.
I think that is enough for an introduction about me. And Hope You will enjoy such post from my side <3

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