Body Shop’s British Rose Body Yogurt Review

Skincare was never my thing until I came across the Body Yogurt range from Body Shop. My sister uses the Almond Milk range from the same brand, and that instantly fascinated me. But I chose to try the British Rose because I am allergic to fragrances. Did that impress me? Of course, to an extent that I’m personally writing a review for the first time.

To be frank, I never opened the tub for a month. It was my sister again who forced me into using it. Now guess what? There is no single day I’d stay without applying this yogurt onto my skin. All the credits for making me a skincare freak go to the Body Shop’s British Rose Body Yogurt! Here’s my review about the product that’ll always be a part of my skincare.

What Body Shop Claims

The new lightweight and completely vegan body yogurt keeps your skin hydrated for up to 48 hours. This gel cream is enriched with rose extracts from England and organic almond milk from Spain. Apply it immediately after showering on damp skin for instant absorption. It gives you non-sticky and smoother skin with a scent of roses.

My Experience with Body Shop’s British Rose Body Yogurt

Let’s start with the appearance first. I’m used to the tall pumping bottles for body moisturizers, so this tub instantly intrigued me. It is a simple travel-friendly tub yet it looks fabulous. The product comes in a rose-pink tub packaging with a black lid having a rose print. It is very easy and convenient to carry wherever you want to. Since the product is in gel form, you don’t have to worry about leakages as well.

The rose smell from the yogurt lingers for quite some time on your skin. I love the fragrance, and my allergy to scents didn’t trouble me this time. But if you have a sensitive nose for roses, this product isn’t the one for you. This light pink gel is fluffy yet has an air-light texture. It absorbs like magic with no greasy feeling later on. My skin felt so soft instantly.

I started using this product in winter, and I must say it is so impressive. It is super light and absorbs within a flick. It spreads onto the skin easily and leaves no grease behind. You wouldn’t feel the heaviness even if your body comes in contact with water. My skin used to become dry in winters until I started using this body yogurt. However, a single application did wonders to my skin. I also didn’t feel the need for re-application throughout the day. You can actually put on your clothes immediately after application, as the Body Shop claims!

The Bottom Line

My skin is normal by nature, and the British Rose Body Yogurt worked pretty well for me. It is perfect for those looking for hydration. I feel this yogurt is perfect throughout the year for normal to oily skins. But if your skin is too dry or if you live in extreme winters, I’d suggest the body butter range from the Body Shop instead. The fragrance is soothing, and it didn’t affect my allergies. I’m now using my second tub, and I love its formula. The entire tub lasted for 2 months for me but I feel it is a little pricier. So, I’d recommend stocking it up during sales.

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